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OIF to launch cyber security contest in Vietnam 10:04 AM,6/13/2016

The Francophone Fund for Digital Innovation (FFIN), in collaboration with the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts in France (AVSE), will hold a cyber-security contest in Hanoi from September 22 to 25, which aims to detect safety holes occurring in daily use and propose effective measures to deal with these potential risks.

Entitled #RiSk[Solutions], the competition is open for those in digital fields, such as engineers, designers and system administrators, among others, who will compete together in groups of two to five members. Female candidates will receive special assistance if registering to participate in the event.

This will offer an ideal occasion for young Vietnamese, who specialise in the field of cyber-security, to show off their qualifications and capabilities in devising strategic solutions to combating cybercrimes for public administration in Vietnam.

Online registration for the contest will be open from April 7 to July 15 via

At the contests, each group of candidates will be provided with a computer of free content management systems or scripts to build complete solutions to cyber-security issues, which will be represented to the examination board on the last day of competition.

The winners will receive EUR10,000 in prize money, while the runners-up and third-place group will be awarded with EUR6,000 and EUR4,000 respectively. The recipients will also receive support and assistance from specialists for their projects over a period of one year in order to enhance the value of prizes among the Francophone community.

The contest has been embraced by the International Francophone Organisation (OIF)’s 2016 joint action programme entitled “Live together” aiming to indicate consensus among French-speaking countries against extremism and radicalisation in any form.

According to AVSE Vice Chairman Nguyen Hoai Tuong, FFIN choosing Vietnam to organise the contest has shown that Vietnam is recognised among the Francophone community as a dynamic and innovative country regarding digital technology.

Source: Nhan dan

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