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Vietnam-made robots getting smarter 3:14 PM,6/1/2012

With the idea of ​​closing the gap between human and manual-control robots, the team of young scientists of BKIT4U Club from the HCM City University of Technology, has manufactured a special robot – the one which can recognize handwriting and pronounce.

 Nguyen Minh Hoa, a student of the HCM City University of Technology, a member of the club, explained that instead of pressing buttons to order robots to fulfill assigned tasks, the robot will be able to recognize writing (handwriting or typed words) with the data processing system, then command the robot to do the things people want.


Similarly, with the “pronounce” function, it is just necessary to show writing to the “genius eye” of the robot, it will be able to recognize the handwriting and pronounce.

 According to Hoa, it took Hoa and his team nearly one year to think about the idea and implement the idea. The most difficult thing in manufacturing the robot is the handling of the data analysis system (script) to make commands for the robot.


The club’s members hope that the robot can be upgraded into a smarter robot which can recognize motorbike and car number plates, or can search, sort and take stock of the goods – the works that are being done by people.

 Meanwhile, BK CDT Team from the Da Nang University of Technology has surprised people with the idea of using 3G technology for a terrain climbing robot. Being the winner at the Robomin competition in 2009, organized by the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry VAMI and the HCM City National University, BK CDT has developed the robot which can go in all kinds of terrains, from sand, wetlands, steep hills, to climbing stairs with the Internet-connection control system.

 The young scientists believe that if the robot is used in armed forces, especially in demining, the robot will help ease dangers, because people would not have to face directly with mines. “The robot would be able to work for us at any places via the 3G system,” said Tran Manh Ho, Head of BK CDT team, a student of the Da Nang University.

 Notably, the “Smart parking lot” by BK Tech team from the Da Nang University of Technology, has caught the special attention because of its high applicability in life. Analysts believe that the “smart parking lots” would appear in the future in the big cities which have limited land funds. Ngo Van Phuc, the representative of the team said that after receiving necessary parameters, the robot will help put cars into reasonable places.

 The HCM City University of Technical Education introduced a bird robot which has the shape of a mo o (a kind of bird) and can beat their wings, change directions and curve by several hundreds of meters via a control system. Nguyen Duc Long, the head of the team, said the bird robot has been installed with rotating equipment using the control unit with FM 2.4G wave.

 The special thing of the robot is that it cannot be easily discovered on the sky because it looks like a real bird. Therefore, the robot can serve well in the entertainment activities, or serve military activities.

 The Wings Team from the HCM City University of Technology introduced a self-balancing 2-wheeled robot with good design, easy control, convenient for the golf course, airport, resort, or commercial centers. According to the team, such a product which is imported from other countries is priced at 8000 dollars. However, if the robot is manufactured in Vietnam, the price would be 15 million dong only.
Source: Vietnamnet


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