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Made-in-Vietnam robots dream of going further into the world 3:21 PM,6/1/2012

Being flexible in operation, doing things quickly and exactly, being able to work in the noxious environment and do everything to replace people all have been cited as the outstanding features of robots. That explains why many countries and enterprises have spent a lot of money to design and manufacture robots.

 Vietnam has also encouraged the design and manufacturing of robots by launching scientific research projects to discover ideas and talents for the robot industry. Especially, it has been annually organizing ROBOCON in order to discover a high quality labor force to prepare to help develop the industry in the future.

 Ho Vinh Hoang, General Director of TOSY Robot Joint Stock Company, the person who has brought made-in-Vietnam robot to the world, is the designer who has “grown up” from such ROBOCON competitions

 To Automatica, the world’s biggest exhibition in this field held in Germany in June 2010, TOSY brought TOPIO, the robot which can play ping-pong. And the appearance of TOPIO immediately caught the special attention from the exhibition’s attendants, because the excellent product comes from Vietnam, a country that has never been known as the robot manufacturer.

 Besides TOPIO, TOSY also brought more than ten models of robots which can work in industries and the service sector. TOPIO Dio, the small service robot, which was introduced for the first time, was highly appreciated, because it can operate everywhere thanks to an integrated camera and impediment-inductor.

 The exhibition’s attendants were really attracted by the robots made in Vietnam. Many attendants expressed their surprise when hearing that the robots, which have a high efficiency and impressive operation, were made in Vietnam, a country that has never been a big name among the biggest robot manufacturers. Even the “big guys”  in the robot industry in the world were also surprised with the robots from Vietnam, because the robots have the quality that is par with the robots made by modern countries in the world. Meanwhile, the prices of the robots made in Vietnam are just equal to half the price of the robots with the same functions in the market.

 Explaining the low production cost, which is considered the most outstanding feature of TOSY-made robots, Hoang said that TOSY undertakes every phrase of the manufacturing process, from setting ideas, designing to carrying out production. A lot of important parts of robots, including the control unit and management software, have been designed and manufactured by TOSY itself. Besides, TOSY also does not have to pay large amounts of money for labor.

 The low prices have helped TOSY to sign a lot of valuable contracts.

 “It is very difficult to successfully manufacture high-quality and low-cost robots, but it is even more difficult to persuade clients to trust the Vietnamese brand,” Hoang said.

 Also according to Hoang, the robots manufactured by TOSY have to satisfy a lot of requirements in quality in order to be distributed by big partners from the US, Japan and Germany.

 In its development plan TOSY is considering a lot of factories in the near future that will serve the manufacturing and testingcof new products. “We will not only manufacture industrial robots, we are planning to bring service robots to every family and help improve the life of people,” Hoang said.
Source: Vienamnet

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