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Biological kit for identifying bacteria causingsepticaemia 3:04 PM,8/24/2016

Through the implementation of a state-level science and technologytask, scientists from the 108 Military Central Hospital have successfully studied the biological kit for identification of commonsepticaemia-causing bacteria.

This kit can identify bacteria that cause septicaemia,such as Gram (-) and Gram (+), with the average level of detection is 10 CFU/ml of blood. After 4 months of storage, the sensitivity and specificity of this kit still ensures the level at 10 CFU/mland 100%. Compared with the blood culture method and commercial kit (CE-IVD Septifast), thiskit has the equivalentsensitivity and specificity (37% and 100% vs. 39% and 100%; 33% and 100%, respectively). When combined with the blood culture method, this kit’s sensitivityhas increased to 54% and the specificity still reaches 100%. In particular, the temporary cost of this kit is only 57% compared to thecommercial kit CE-IVDSeptifast (2.5 million VND/sample in comparison with 4.4 million VND/sample). In addition, thiskitis also flexible and simple to use and implement, friendly,  andcan be used on multiple existing molecular biology devicesin the laboratories of Vietnam hospitals.

For more information, please contact:108 Military Central Hospital

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Source: Vietnam Science and technology

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