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120,000 Euro funded for Hanoi’s air environment assessment 2:01 PM,9/8/2016

The French embassy and the French Development Agency (AFD) will fund 120,000 EUR for a technical assistance project on assessing the air environment in Hanoi.

Chairman of People’s Committee in Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung and Minister of State for Development and Francophone Andre Vallini yesterday signed a contract to provide consultation to the project on evaluating Hanoi’s air environment.

As per the contract, the French embassy and the AFD will fund 120,000 Euro for researching and strengthening capability for Vietnam’s capital city.

Air Parif Company – a non-profit organization - is assigned for helping the city with the air environment assessment project. Air Parif Company is recognized by the French Ministry of Environment as an experienced and skillful expert in monitoring air quality, predicting pollution hypothesis and assessment of effect of measures against pollution so that the government and residents can grasp.

Currently, Hanoi authority has approved 20 spots to build air monitor stations during the first phase.

Source: SGGP

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The news brought
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Toolkit supporting decision making in flood risk management for river basins in the Central Vietnam 8/10/2016
CO oxidation catalyst at low temperature 8/10/2016
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Future of paper factory uncertain 7/11/2016
Vietnam suffers $672.6 mln damage due to climate change 7/11/2016
Ha Long-Cat Ba Alliance promotes environmental protection 7/8/2016
PM urges environment officials to prevent pollution from Lee&Man paper plant operation 7/6/2016
Director Thang calls upon people to protect environment 7/4/2016
Action month for environment launched in Vietnam 7/4/2016
Vietnam, US work on biological threat mitigation 7/4/2016
Ministry to inspect environment protection at Hong Kong paper plant 7/4/2016
Air quality in Ha Noi gets worse 7/4/2016
Hue recognised internationally for low carbon emissions commitment 7/4/2016
CDIA assists Can Tho in wastewater treatment 6/13/2016
Workshop seeks sustainable measures against climate change 6/13/2016
Technical assistance project for water use efficiency approved 6/13/2016
‘Keep Hanoi Clean’ founder honoured 6/13/2016
Animals Asia funds US$50,000 to conserve elephants in Dak Lak 6/13/2016
Nationwide activities to respond to World Environment Day 6/13/2016
Rare monkey released back into wild 6/13/2016
Action plan executes integrated coastal zone management strategy 6/13/2016
Scientists suggest building 5-7 rolling weirs on Red River 5/12/2016
HDPE-made bag system helps protect environment 11/26/2015
24 pangolins released into the wild 11/24/2015
Country must accept pollution: Congressman 11/24/2015
Rubbish collection causing pollution, odours in Hanoi 11/24/2015
Roadmap built to curb carbon emissions 11/24/2015
Vietnam urged to tackle climate change 11/24/2015
Woman gives organic waste a second life 11/24/2015
Bioenergy plants useful for climate protection 11/24/2015
Vietnam, Germany boost cooperation in natural resources, environment 11/24/2015
Electronic waste piling up in HCM City 11/24/2015
Mega shows to stimulate Vietnam’s green initiatives 11/24/2015
Extreme weather events to become more acute in Vietnam 11/24/2015
Mekong River basin residents demand stop to upriver dams 11/18/2015
Air and noise pollution gets worse in HCM City 11/18/2015
HCM City targets to reduce emissions 10 percent 11/18/2015
Vietnam fumbles for way to control motorbike emissions 11/18/2015
Central region still affected by drought, salinization 11/18/2015
Vietnam eyes chances for green growth 11/18/2015
Dong Nai River terribly polluted 11/18/2015
Mineral exploitation damaging VN environment, report 11/18/2015
Hoi An coast threatened by erosion: in pictures 11/18/2015
Blue crabs released in efforts to restore population off Phu Quoc 11/18/2015
Cost of not acting on climate change: US$33 billion 11/18/2015
Parts of Ca Mau dyke demolished, threatens lives 11/18/2015
Flooding is persistent problem for entire country 11/18/2015
Tighter control needed for toxic waste import: Experts 11/18/2015
Vietnam, African nations target wildlife trade 11/18/2015
Air pollution in HCM City worsens 11/18/2015
Da Nang to host East Asian Seas Congress 2015 this month 11/17/2015
Deputy PM calls on all to fight El Nino 11/17/2015
Whenever it rains, HCM City gets inundated 11/17/2015
Ha Noi's lakes face challenges 11/17/2015
Vietnam to need huge funds for GHG emissions reduction 11/17/2015
Hydropower dams pose threat to life on Mekong River 11/17/2015
Alarm bell sounded over environmental pollution in rural areas 11/17/2015
Residents suffering in polluting mineral mining areas 11/17/2015
Vietnam commits to fight against climate change 11/17/2015
Vietnam to foster green growth 11/17/2015
Funding needed to treat waste 11/17/2015
Is pollution from China unavoidable? 11/13/2015
Plant-protection chemical residue reaches alarming level 11/13/2015
Mekong Delta faces acute fresh water shortage 11/13/2015
Deputy PM cracks down on firms violating pollution laws 11/13/2015
Time to think seriously of rural pollution 11/13/2015
China discharges hydropower plant water, flooding Red River in Vietnam 11/13/2015
Sweden offers scholarships in environment, climate change 11/13/2015
Hanoi’s polluted craft villages to get environmental clean-up 11/10/2015
Cleaning polluted rivers in Hanoi too costly for local budge 11/10/2015
Many factories discharge untreated wastewater 11/10/2015
Vietnam plans to control air quality 11/10/2015
River-farm sea bass die in thousands 11/10/2015
Water shortage danger imminent in Vietnam 11/10/2015
HCMC wants tough pollution laws, penalties on companies 11/10/2015
Vietnam’s readiness to realise REDD+ evaluated 11/10/2015
Japan pitches in to help cope with climate change 11/10/2015
UN Watercourses Convention: Opportunity to reinvigorate the Mekong Spirit 11/10/2015
Hanoi vows to treat polluted To Lich River 11/10/2015
More people become ill from drinking contaminated water 11/10/2015
Environment group voices concerns over Mekong dam 11/10/2015
Does Vietnam want to prevent Chinese technology waste? 9/8/2015
Vietnam pays heavy price for coal exploitation 9/8/2015
Hanoi's polluting workshops hesitate to shift from urban areas 9/8/2015
Housing project threat to river basin ecology 9/8/2015
Ash treatment plans required for coal-fired power plants 9/4/2015
Waste treatment of ash, cinder difficult in Vietnam 9/4/2015
HCM City plans to exclude A92 petrol from market 9/4/2015
Thailand’s Mekong water-diversion plan raises concerns 9/4/2015
Beach resorts eat into forests on Phu Quoc 9/4/2015
Village incinerators a threat to the environment, residents 9/4/2015
HCM City: 13 years not enough to remove polluting factories 8/10/2015
World Bank supports medical waste treatment area 8/10/2015
Pesticide abuse in flower villages a challenge to local authorities 8/10/2015
Plasma-tech waste treatment plant planned in city 8/10/2015
Vinacomin wants environment fee on bauxite projects slashed 8/10/2015
Low water levels threaten Hau Giang’s aquatic sector 8/10/2015
Vietnam continues to promote community-based climate change adaptation 8/10/2015
Environment still in jeopardy as ASEAN works toward change 8/10/2015
Waste-treatment service fees keep investors away 8/10/2015
Investors hesitate to spend money on garbage incinerators 8/10/2015
MONRE to monitor resources 8/5/2015
Scientists oppose building road across Can Gio bio-reserve 8/5/2015
Overexploited, Dak Lak elephants are at risk 8/5/2015
Image: Pollution threatens Hanoi's West Lake 8/5/2015
Mekong Delta suffers severe saline intrusion 8/5/2015
Leachate pollutes Sai Gon river water 8/5/2015
Vietnam to launch new environment monitoring network 8/5/2015
Only one craft village in Hanoi treats waste 8/5/2015
Tusks of elephant in Dak Lak national park stolen 8/5/2015
Environmental protection at industrial areas specified 8/5/2015
Vietnam attractive for smartphone production 8/5/2015
Japan helps Vietnam manage sustainable natural resources 7/10/2015
Vietnam attends UNIDO projects 7/10/2015
Police excavate untreated medical waste in Tay Ninh 7/1/2015
Viet Nam looks to lessen toxic chemical use 6/30/2015
Da Nang opens first big recycling plant 6/30/2015
Livestock farms pose a threat to environment, public health 6/24/2015
Viet Nam to build its first eco-plastic plant 6/16/2015
Tap water in Hanoi filtered with 100-year-old technology 6/15/2015
New technology helps prevent wildlife smuggling 6/4/2015
Probe launched into Dong Nai urban river project 6/4/2015
Disaster prevention documentary to air nationwide 6/2/2015
HCMC finds tough to handle polluting businesses 6/2/2015
Hitachi Zosen keen on waste treatment projects 6/2/2015
Da Nang kicks off project on recycling organic waste 5/27/2015
Vietnam needs US$30 billion for copping with climate change 5/27/2015
Salt water filters supply fresh water to Khanh Hoa islanders 5/15/2015
HCMC citizens turn off lights for green earth 5/15/2015
Work starts on Vietnam’s largest wastewater treatment plant 5/13/2015
Hanoi hamlet must rely on water from polluted pond 11/5/2014
Hydropower dams endanger Vietnam’s Mekong Delta 11/5/2014
Central region wastes away because of hydropower plants 10/29/2014
Thua Thien-Hue: Dams drown residents in misery 10/29/2014
Further UN support urged in AIDS fight 10/27/2014
More cassava processing plants under construction 10/27/2014
Mine in Thanh Hoa discharges waste into local stream 10/27/2014
Even indoors isn't safe from harmful air pollution 10/23/2014
Viet Nam moves to reduce demand for wildlife products 10/23/2014
Shelter for disabled animals in Saigon 10/22/2014
Vietnam has 43 biomass power projects 10/21/2014
Public questions safety of underground construction projects 10/21/2014
Cassava-processing plant in Yen Bai pollutes river, kills crops 10/21/2014
Vietnam to expand low-carbon rice farming model 10/13/2014
Scrap metal from used ships polluting environment 10/13/2014
Vietnam seeks solutions to polluting paper factories 10/13/2014
Environmentally friendly industrial park 10/1/2014
Vietnam follows low-carbon growth strategy to battle climate change 10/1/2014
VND3 trillion allocated for climate change adaptation projects 9/30/2014
“Shrimp rush” damages protective forests in central coastal provinces 9/29/2014
El Nino causes drought amid stormy season 9/22/2014
Development and Conservation policies of Protected Areas in Viet Nam 9/15/2014
Vietnam attends the World Water Week 9/15/2014
Ninh Thuan: Announcement of planning for the water supply project and the solid waste management project 9/15/2014
Forests destroyed at gold-mine site 9/12/2014
Drought a prominent threat to Ninh Thuan 9/12/2014
Anti-Plastic Bag Measures proves not to be effective 9/10/2014
Hanoi to call for tenders for public service projects 9/10/2014
Animals released into wild in Quang Ninh 9/10/2014
Most would give up wildlife products 9/10/2014
Mekong hydropower plants deprive farmers of their livelihood 9/10/2014
Southern provinces say no to projects that harm the environment 9/5/2014
Landfill “technology” threatening people’s health 9/5/2014
Bio-tech crucial to cutting emissions 8/29/2014
Organic waste to be turned into renewable energy 8/29/2014
Hydroelectric plant in Laos puts local farmers under tenterhooks 8/29/2014
Island says ‘no’ to plastic bags 8/12/2014
Vietnam needs modern equipment to measure emissions levels 8/12/2014
Attracting talented experts in environment and climate change 8/8/2014
Wildlife crime report smartphone application unveils 8/8/2014
E-manifest helps hazardous waste management in Vietnam 8/8/2014
Current status and changes of forests in central highlands 8/8/2014
Ca Mau call for protecting large flying fox 8/8/2014
ASEAN Centre for Energy recognizes energy efficient management of Metro Hiep Phu 8/8/2014
River brought back to life after clean-up 8/7/2014
HCM City unveils list of top polluting firms 8/7/2014
Gold mining devastates Quang Nam’s soil 8/7/2014
Mekong Delta residents dream of “eating clean, drinking safe” 8/7/2014
Leaders of garbage-collection rings fight over turf in HCM City 8/5/2014
Residents take a stand against waste 8/4/2014
Vietnam ignores scientists’ warnings about asbestos use 7/31/2014
Climate change to hit urban poor the hardest 6/26/2014
WWF and Microsoft's joint mangrove project benefits local residents 6/26/2014
Deputy PM Hoang Trung Hai makes field trip to HCMC waste treatment plant 6/26/2014
Vietnam's coral reefs face extinction 6/24/2014
Rare flora preserved at Tram Chim National Park 6/24/2014
River blanketed with water hyacinths, blocking passage of boats 6/20/2014
HCM City to close part of multi-million dollar waste treatment plant 6/19/2014
Sea encroachment endangers Mekong Delta 6/18/2014
No action taken in chemical warehouse fire, area still polluted 6/17/2014
Polluting brick kilns in Binh Duong closed 6/17/2014
Rising sea levels could affect one-fifth of HCM City by 2100 6/17/2014
Biogas projects reduce carbon emissions 6/12/2014
Hanoians lack clean water, blame use of Chinese technology 6/12/2014
Binh Dinh “shrimp metropolis” polluted 6/12/2014
Industrial zone raises incomes, but pollutes air, water, land 6/10/2014
Hanoi to build nine solid waste plants 5/6/2014
Forest thieves too poor to pay fines 5/5/2014
Bamboo bikes help keep Hoi An green 4/7/2014
Da Nang police go green, get friendly 4/7/2014
Drying rubber by pressed rice husk 4/1/2014
Challenges for Vietnam to reduce CO2 emissions 4/1/2014
Conservation of green ironwood trees 3/31/2014
The U.S. spends 19 million on dioxin cleanup in Vietnam 3/31/2014
Power plants step up forest planting drive 3/26/2014
Dong Nai’s people feel insecure about dioxin hot spot 3/26/2014
The “gamble” of the miners in Ha Giang 10/17/2013
Pollution casts a cloud over development 10/17/2013
Scientists call for urgent actions to rescue dipterocarp forests 10/17/2013
Central provinces pay heavy price for rubber development 10/17/2013
Reserve expansion gives hope to saola 10/17/2013
Living disquietedly on reservoir areas 9/9/2013
The fate of hydropower plant project in national park unclear 9/9/2013
The rich also have to live in pollution 9/9/2013
Thanh Hoa: Toxic chemicals buried in pesticide factory 9/9/2013
Pollution blamed on seafood processing 9/9/2013
Turtles near extinction return home to new conservation area 9/9/2013
Vietnam fights to stop medical rhino horn myth 9/9/2013
Four Southeast Asian countries may halt dog imports in five years 9/9/2013
Consumers remain unfriendly to friendly plastic bags 9/9/2013
Precious turtle species may get exhausted 8/28/2013
Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park gets expansion 8/28/2013
The polluted village and children who have lead in blood 8/28/2013
Climate change scenario drafted for Vietnam 8/28/2013
Pollution in Saigon River gets worse 8/28/2013
With hundreds of millions USD, HCM City’s canals still prone pollution 8/28/2013
Quang Ngai to build a turtle rescue center 8/28/2013
Deadly king cobras found on bus 8/28/2013
Power plant pollution engulfs residents 8/28/2013
Enterprises slammed for destroying forests 8/28/2013
Rubbish feared to spoil Da Lat 8/28/2013
Production workshops bring pollution to new areas 8/16/2013
Mekong to face wilder weather 8/16/2013
Reservoirs, dams in central region shout for help 8/16/2013
National Strategy for Bio-diversification ratified 8/16/2013
Mekong residents voice their concerns 8/16/2013
Nature lover listens to the forest's pain 8/16/2013
Biomass power plants grapple with low price 8/16/2013
MOT allows enterprises to bleed river-bed dry? 7/29/2013
Café, restaurants, street shops poisoning Hanoi’s lakes 7/29/2013
Chuong My faces waste problem 7/29/2013
Livestock firm accuses environmental policy of power abuse 7/29/2013
Yen Bai residents engulfed by waste dump stench 7/29/2013
Online wild animal trading still out of control in Vietnam 7/29/2013
Competent agencies powerless in fruit preservation chemical management 7/29/2013
Unlicensed chemical factories found polluting in Hai Duong 7/29/2013
Coastal erosion a constant threat to Vietnam 7/24/2013
Ministry wants NA to step up environment protection 7/24/2013
Underground water supplies protected 7/2/2013
Plants told to tackle pollution 7/1/2013
Hydro-power projects dead in the water 7/1/2013
Illegal sand dredging cause of landslides along Dong Nai River 7/1/2013
Brick kilns continue to pollute Ha Noi 6/28/2013
Ethanol plants mired in troubles 6/28/2013
More fund for climate change response 6/28/2013
Call for entries to ASEAN-wide biodiversity and climate change photo contest 6/26/2013
Dong Nai to pull rug on polluting projects 6/26/2013
Dong Nai Province for independent report on hydropower projects 6/12/2013
HCM City converts junk plastic bags to synthetic diesel 6/7/2013
HCMC to invest in five waste treatment projects 5/21/2013
Vietnam needs funds to phase out Hydrocarbons 5/13/2013
Industrial wastewater fee to hike from July 5/10/2013
Hau Loc coast cries for help, people keep silent 5/4/2013
Environmental polluters sprouting faster 5/3/2013
Ministry calls for urgent measures to cope with drought 3/1/2013
Environmental programme meets resistance 1/29/2013
Dong Nai River pollution affects 11 provinces, cities 1/25/2013
Biofuel program: encouragement better than enforcement 12/11/2012
Haphazard planning of hydropower plants in Vietnam: Experts 12/5/2012
Hanoi: rubbish from craft villages encroach on rice fields 11/21/2012
No decision on Dong Nai 6, Dong Nai 6A plants 11/15/2012
Pollution taints national icon 11/13/2012
Cat Tien power projects still courting controversy 11/13/2012
HCM City in top 10 for world's most air polluted cities 11/5/2012
Hydropower projects to include afforestation plan: Ministry 11/5/2012
PM approves National Action Plan on Climate Change 10/24/2012
City to clamp down on canal littering, street encroachment 10/24/2012
Vietnam puts locally-made medical waste incinerator into use 8/14/2012
HCM City lacks hazardous waste treatment facilities 8/14/2012
Old motorbikes to be checked for emissions 8/14/2012
Illegal miners fined $35,000 for pollution 8/7/2012
Sending waste to the rubbish bin 7/26/2012
Gold mine destroys environment 7/26/2012
Dong Nai suffers increasing industrial pollution 7/26/2012
The forgotten “gold mountain” in Vietnam 7/26/2012
Dust, noise, wastewater sicken villagers 7/17/2012
$239,000 collected in fines for eco violations 7/10/2012
Wastewater plant poses health risk 7/10/2012
Carbon credits are in vogue 7/9/2012
Two factories built without permission, causing environment pollution 7/9/2012
Ambassadors of green thinking 7/4/2012
Urban dwellers rush to grow vegetables on multistory apartment blocks 7/4/2012
Wastewater treatment still fails to meet green standard 7/4/2012
Sweden backs Mekong Commission 7/4/2012
VN, Laos work on environmental issues 7/3/2012
Increase in vehicular traffic pollution in HCMC 6/29/2012
VN needs 7.6 bln USD for environmental protection 6/28/2012
Farmers should be given “fishing rod” to give up polluting brick kilns 6/28/2012
Vietnam still far from the green architecture 6/28/2012
Postal system may be first to use credits to cancel all emissions 6/28/2012
River of concern against hydropower projects 6/25/2012
Parks leave rivers of shame 6/25/2012
Vietnam affirms resolve to shift to green economy 6/6/2012
Engineers invented environment-friendly automatic rubbish classification 6/6/2012
Hydropower plants in central region and the warned disasters 6/3/2012
The cancer village engulfed in dust and smoke 6/3/2012
Minister calls on farmers to cut greenhouse gas emissions 5/31/2012
Expert urges to make greater efforts to preserve biological resources 5/31/2012
Good Loans for Environmental Projects 5/31/2012
Industrial park neighbours battle pollution 5/31/2012
Plastic self-dissolving bags struggling to find a way into the market 5/31/2012
Management of natural resources to get a boost 5/31/2012
Hospitals using new technologies to treat medical waste water 5/31/2012
Germany, Australia help VN with climate change 5/31/2012
Hanoi takes drastic measures to rescue polluted river 5/31/2012
Hi-tech, green FDI projects to get priority 5/31/2012
Programme launch to cut greenhouse gases 5/31/2012
Titanium polluters face deregistration 5/31/2012
VN, Japan localities cooperate in environment 5/31/2012
Singapore, WB help HCM City improve environment 5/31/2012
Recycling waste matter into bricks, concrete 5/31/2012
Young entrepreneurs run green businesses 5/31/2012
Titanium exploitation threatening Mui Ne 5/31/2012
Vietnam’s plan for hydro-chlorofluorocarbons phase-out 5/31/2012
Survey finds new species 5/31/2012

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