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Remote control system for water environment applied in aquaculture 2:02 PM,9/8/2016

Engineer Le Duc Duy Khanh and his colleagues from Industrial Machinery and Instruments Holding JSC (Ministry of Industry and Trade) have successfully studied, designed and manufactured the remote control system for water environment to apply in aquaculture.

The major modules and compositions of the system are: 1)The measurement devices of environmental indicators of water: to measure pH, ORP and temperature. 2) The central processor with such functions  as: connecting to the pH, ORP measurement devices to receive data; connecting to the remote communication module via GSM; connecting to the  electrical control panel; processing and archiving received data; allowing users to install manually or automatically the operating mode of the system. 3) GSM communication module: is a module paired with the central processing unit to help to remotely process using handheld devices to remotely monitor and operate the system without having to be directly present at culture ponds. 4) The control cabinet of electrical appliances in culture ponds including: pump, oxygen generator, the system's electric cabinet…

The working principle of the system: the measuring devices collect the necessary parameters of the ponds like pH, ORP indicators, temperature and transmit data to the central processor; the central processor will archive and analyze the data and control other devices according to the pre-configured automatic programs. These data can be transmitted to the users’ mobile phone anywhere and anytime via GSM communication module connected to the central processor. Therefore, users can remotely monitor and control the system via the central processor.

Test results at Hoang Dieu Seafood Private Enterprise (Ninh Binh) showed: the system operated stably 24/24h; the collected parameters of temperature, pH and ORP was accurate (very small deviations); the data archiving system worked well and archived 1 min/time when connected to the computer software; the remote system operated stably with accurate environmental parameters and device status informed in the messages; the control cabinet in the pond was safe and worked correctly; the system’s operating status using the lights on the control panel operated safely and accurately at full capacity operation in both manual and automatic processing.

For more information, please contact: Industrial Machinery and Instruments Holding;

Address: No. 46 Lang Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi;

Tel: +84 4.38351010.

Source: Vietnam science and technology

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