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Thaco Mobihome sleeper buses 2:03 PM,9/8/2016

Scientists from Truong Hai Auto Corporation have successfully studied and manufactured Thaco Mobihome sleeper buses. This is a product of national science and technology project “Research on designing and manufacturing the superior sleeper buses branded Vietnam”.

Thaco Mobihome  buses have similar specifications, but smaller than foreign sleeper  buses in height (3.650 mm compared with 3.700 – 4000 mm), which helps to lower the centre of gravity and ensure the vertical/horizontalstability when operating. The products are also equipped with specific systems in order to increase safety, stability and minimize the possibility of accidents in situations when the vehicle operates, namely:

Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS): is the system for wheels helping drivers to maintain the direction and wheels against slipping when braking. In addition, ABS retains the flexibility while urgently braking, shortens the braking distance and ensures the stability when braking.

Anti Skid Regulator (ASR): is fitted on the bus in order to avoid wheels’ skidding when the bus suddenly departs and accelerates, which guarantees the safety when running on the slippery and sliding road, and helps ensure the largest exposure of the tires with the road by the very modern electronic equipment, even in bad conditions of the road.

The electromagnetic brake for the main brake system: has the large torque of 2400 Nm which reduces the load for the main brake system, ensures high safety for vehicles on any terrains. Especially, when the car passes through long ramps in the mountainous areas, the electromagnetic brake system will guarantee downhill stability without causing heat and burning brake pads leading to loss of braking control on a long slope.

For more information, please contact: Truong Hai Auto Corporation

Tam Hiep Industrial Park, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province;

Tel: +84 510.2226679

Source: Vietnam science and technology

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