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Hybrid rice variety - Dai thom 8 2:11 PM,9/8/2016

Recently, scientists from Southern Seed Research Center (Southern Seed Joint Stock Company) have successfully researched and cross-bred the Dai thom 8 rice variety.

Dai thom 8 rice variety was selected from a crossbreed combination between BVN and OM4900 varieties. Test results at South Central Coast, Central Highlands and Mekong River Delta showed the rice variety had a short growing period (90-95 days); 95-105 cm in height, steady body; strong tillering; density of aristae (392 aristae/m2); thick granulation; productivity at 7-9 tons/hectare; good resistance to pestilent insects, alkalinization and salinization. Especially, Dai thom 8 reaches the export standard due to its elongated, limpid grain, amylose content of 16.3%, delicious, sticky cooked rice and gentle scent (the cooked rice still remains being sticky even when getting cold).

For more information, please contact: Southern Seed Joint Stock Company.

Address: No. 282 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 1, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City;

Tel: +84 8.38442414; Fax: +84 8.38442387.

Source: Vietnam science and technology

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