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Viettel offers free wifi service at bus stations 2:33 PM,9/8/2016

Telecom giant Vietel has installed 17 wifi hotspots at bus stations nationwide to help travelling citizens access the Internet for free.

This continues the free wifi service it began providing at festivals and other major events since early this year.

More than 100 festivals are being held this National Day in 19 provinces around the country. At least 14 of them are expected to attract crowds of more than 10,000 people, including the Firework Festival in Thủ Thiêm Tunnel, HCM City, the Mộc Châu Love Fair in northern mountainous province of Sơn La, and boat races in the central provinces of Quảng Binh and Hà Tĩnh.

It is estimated that the number of people accessing the Net increases by 40 per cent during festivals and other holidays. Viettel says it began preparing for this National Day early in August, upgrading its infrastructure and improving service quality.

It upgraded 1,300 base transceiver stations (BTS), introduced many mobile BTS and installed 150 specially-designed antennas that can double the capacity of a normal BTS.

Viettel said it also made sure enough people were manning the network throughout the day.

Source: VNS

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3G coverage jammed by signal amplifiers 7/29/2015
US tech giants to expand operations in HCM City 7/29/2015
VietnamWork reveals most interesting tech trends 7/29/2015
Internet festival held in Thua Thien-Hue 7/29/2015
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FPT Group gets licence in Myanmar 7/10/2015
Mobile Game Asia 2015 to be held in HCM City 7/10/2015
Professor invents water filtration technology 7/10/2015
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Mobile-game industry sees high potential after Flappy Bird success 10/23/2014
Online games firms lose ground to Chinese, foreign companies 10/22/2014
Authorities found copyright infringement in reputable enterprises 10/21/2014
Facebook’s new sticker feature unpopular with Vietnamese netizens 10/21/2014
Tough penalties slapped on spam senders 10/13/2014
Foreign firms eye buying into MobiFone 10/13/2014
Vietnam plans to implement mobile number transfer policy in 2017 10/13/2014
Vietnam plans to implement mobile number transfer policy in 2017 10/13/2014
VNPT submits price cut request 10/13/2014
HCM City to use GPS to control radioactive devices 10/13/2014
Made-in-Vietnam 3D printing machine to hit market in near future 10/1/2014
Internet repair to be longer than expected as new cable break found 9/30/2014
Human error undermines cybersecurity 9/29/2014
Over 1,000 VN websites hacked within two-week period 9/29/2014
Internet in VN to resume normal operations early next week 9/29/2014
Cable TV loses foreign clients due to illegal OTT services 9/22/2014
Internet connection to be unstable for the next two weeks 9/22/2014
Smartphones surge in popularity: study 9/22/2014
More than 1,000 websites hacked by cyber thieves 9/22/2014
Average revenue per person lowest in region, but Pay-TV remains popular 9/22/2014
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Laws fail to deter firms from utilising unlicensed software 9/5/2014
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IT earnings up 48 per cent 7/3/2014
Private firm “spying” on 14,000 mobile phone subscribers 6/26/2014
Domain-name trade continues despite lack of legal framework 6/24/2014
VNPT to hold 20% of Mobifone’s capital after equitization 6/20/2014
Kim Dong Publishing House introduces first e-Book library 6/19/2014
Samsung’s project benefits doctor, patients 6/19/2014
Local scientist makes citronella mosquito cream 6/19/2014
ICT start-ups get little help from investment funds 6/18/2014
PM gives go-ahead for Mobifone, VNPT split 6/17/2014
Vietnam enjoys smartphone sales boom 6/17/2014
Open source software ignored by state agencies 6/17/2014
How were Chinese games smuggled into Vietnam? 6/11/2014
Sales of smartphones fall amid consumer concerns about resale prices 6/11/2014
iPhone users in VN safe from recent hacker attacks 6/10/2014
19 IT parks too many: official 6/10/2014
OTT TV service providers incur losses 6/10/2014
Cloud computing services becoming more popular in VN 6/10/2014
Opportunities, challenges for Vietnam's software industry 5/6/2014
Microsoft’s statement on Windows XP support end ignored by Vietnamese 4/10/2014
Intel VN Joins “Computer for Life” 4/7/2014
MobiFone detaches from VNPT 4/4/2014
BKAV trains cyber security experts for Cuba 4/4/2014
Mobile network operators continue going through users’ pockets 4/1/2014
Vietnam e-commerce market still has opportunities for new comers 3/31/2014
Ministry urges internet upgrade 3/31/2014
Foreign smartphone producers continue Vietnam campaign 3/26/2014
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Standards for protein-free natural rubber to be established 8/28/2013
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Viettel heads battle against spam 8/28/2013
Da Nang opens IT infrastructure system after seven years 8/28/2013
VTC telecom licence revoked for Delays 8/28/2013
MIC believes IT service market worth billions of dollars 8/28/2013
Decree advances digital signatures 8/16/2013
Discovering a new species of snake in Vietnam 8/16/2013
Tablets will help network knowledge? 8/16/2013
Local game market chooses “client 3D” to follow 8/16/2013
National sovereignty on Internet neglected? 8/16/2013
Solar-powered watering system applied in Ninh Thuan 8/16/2013
Telco to speed up restructuring process 8/16/2013
Rare salamander species discovered in Phu Tho 8/16/2013
Nobel winners visit scientific symposium 8/16/2013
Vietnamese scientists say E5 usable for popular engines 8/16/2013
DoIC to inspect telecoms 8/16/2013
Teleco offers protection from cyber attacks 8/16/2013
Vietnam Company to launch high-tech dancing toy robot 8/15/2013
Vietnam launches super-small satellite in orbit 8/15/2013
Meeting Vietnam’ conference links International Scientists 7/31/2013
Japan to launch Vietnam’s super-small satellite 7/29/2013
Inspectors slam wasteful VNPT 7/29/2013
Vietnam battles hacking attacks 7/29/2013
Software outsourcing posts high growth 7/2/2013
Nation at high risk of cyber attacks 7/1/2013
Handheld help 'look' through walls 7/1/2013
Vietnam’s mobile service market gets overly hot 6/28/2013
Samsung denies withdrawal from the desktop market 6/26/2013
Apple will give away Windows OS in 2015 6/26/2013
Viruses inflict VND8tril damage on computer users 6/12/2013
Demand for IT workers surges 6/12/2013
The Vietnamese software dream (part 2) 6/7/2013
VN Post restructuring plan due 6/7/2013
Vietnam dreams the software dream 6/7/2013
Mobile banking remains “promising land” for banks 5/24/2013
Ministry to inspect telecom companies 5/24/2013
Telcos to be licensed to do broadcasting and transmission 5/21/2013
Telcos told to improve service 5/21/2013
Ministry to inspect telecom companies 5/21/2013
Vietnam’s 3G service fee 40 times cheaper than in Europe 5/10/2013
Vietnam to launch first Remote Sensing Satellite 5/4/2013
Broadcasters provide services below cost prices to attract more subscribers 5/3/2013
Bkav detects new malware spread via USB drive 4/10/2013
Vietnamese software win away games, lose home games 4/5/2013
Apple removes Samsung from list of manufacturing partners 3/26/2013
Free messaging apps boom in Vietnam 3/20/2013
Only 1% of software firms meet ISO standards in information security 3/15/2013
Software piracy declines markedly 3/15/2013
HCM City needs more human resources in IT sector 3/11/2013
Internet firms jump into high-quality entertainment device market 3/5/2013
Internet’s speed in Vietnam slowing down? 3/5/2013
Mobile & smart TV wave challenges digital content firms and telcos 3/1/2013
Vietnamese social networks “short of breath” in the race with Facebook 3/1/2013
Smart TV brings opportunities to make money to Vietnamese businesses 2/20/2013
Vietnamese IT firms still hesitant to pour money into PPP projects 2/20/2013
Mobile carriers to prevent Tet 3G overload 1/29/2013
Telcos fined for not registering users 1/25/2013
IT market forecast to remain sluggish in 2013 12/11/2012
Powerful PC advertisers will have greater advantages in mobile ads 12/11/2012
Free apps pick Vietnamese users’ pocket 12/5/2012
BlackBerries still on the shelves, but selling slowly 12/5/2012
Vietnamese IT products: software prospers, hardware declines 11/21/2012
Japan remains a tough market for Vietnamese software firms 11/21/2012
Japan shifts software outsourcing orders to Vietnam 11/21/2012
Touch screen laptops hit the shelves in succession 11/15/2012
BKAV brings hatred on its head because of reports about spam SMS 11/15/2012
Ministry to track mobile users 11/15/2012
New orientations for science and technology development 11/13/2012
FDI needed for hi-tech production 11/13/2012
The technology start-up movement and Vietnamese technology dream 11/5/2012
VTV takes over VTC’s cable TV company 11/5/2012
IT related training majors attract students 11/5/2012
Danger lurks in free via-Internet messaging software 10/24/2012
Mobile security software market still dormant 10/24/2012
Market share change gives more reason to merge VinaPhone and MobiFone 10/24/2012
What expect Huawei, ZTE in Vietnam? 10/24/2012
Decree aims to end pesky spam email messages 10/24/2012
No mobile virtual network active yet 10/24/2012
Future of 4G services still uncertain 10/3/2012
Low cable TV quality attributed to monopoly 10/3/2012
Internet management under strict scrutiny 10/3/2012
Investors snub Vietnam telecom market 10/3/2012
E-document exchange among state agencies is possible, experts say 8/14/2012
Export digital content service tax up, IT firms entreat help of MIC 8/14/2012
Telcos talk down profits 8/14/2012
Vietnam gears up for MNP plan 8/7/2012
Stronger development of e-government 8/7/2012
Government approves telecoms development plan 8/7/2012
Ministry eyes on-line copyright violations 8/7/2012
First Vietnam-made satellite launched into orbit 7/26/2012
Technology transfer is missing the boat 7/26/2012
Vietnam will confront staff deficiency for science research in 5-7 years 7/26/2012
Decoding genome to improve race just a vain hope 7/26/2012
ASEAN highlights information 7/26/2012
Scandal on top of crisis for large mobile provider 7/26/2012
Software Park not pulling its weight, say City councillors 7/19/2012
HDBox, 3D TV products fall into decay in Vietnam 7/19/2012
Digital apps on mobile devices booming 7/19/2012
Police check on 5m mobiles 7/19/2012
Vinaphone provides in-flight mobile service 7/17/2012
FPT’s F-1 ready to take off 7/17/2012
Vinaphone first to offer inflight call services 7/17/2012
Telecoms delay rate hike 7/17/2012
Mobile phone manufacturers cut production 7/17/2012
More warnings given by Internet community about Chinese Baidu 7/17/2012
PPP sparks IT activity 7/17/2012
Mobile phone imports decline in H1 7/17/2012
Developing apps for social networks golden opportunity for programmers 7/17/2012
Scientific skills shortage looms 7/10/2012
Mobile subscribers 1.5 times over Vietnam’s population 7/10/2012
Demand decreases, mobile phone market hibernates 7/10/2012
US firm gives Vinasat-2 key to VNPT 7/10/2012
Vietnamese digital content firms vow to defy every rival 7/9/2012
Big telecom guys jump to TV market 7/9/2012
Parasite kills 60 million snout otter clams in Quang Ninh 7/4/2012
Cloud computing to revolutionise Vietnamese technology sector 7/4/2012
Vietnamese Internet community can see latent disasters from Baidu Tra da quan 7/4/2012
MIC plans cable TV restructuring, eliminating tens of service providers 7/3/2012
Chinese Baidu attempts to penetrate Vietnamese market 7/3/2012
New names appear on game market, shaking tripodal position 7/3/2012
VNPT, Viettel denounced of colluding to raise telecom circuit leasing charges 6/29/2012
Vietnam, RoK foster cooperation in information 6/29/2012
Vietnam to set up common standards for TV transmitters and receivers 6/28/2012
Hanoi’s high ranking in software outsourcing gives Vietnamese the start 6/28/2012
VP Telecom abandons Nokia, joining hands with Samsung 6/28/2012
Vietnamobile shouts for help, saying market competition unhealthy 6/26/2012
Proper solution needed to develop microchip industry 6/26/2012
2012 iPads in Vietnam cheapest in the world 6/25/2012
Vietnam considers drastic measures to encourage open source software use 6/25/2012
Mobile operators face falling revenues 6/25/2012
ICT big guys dream of making technological products 6/25/2012
CRM software market segment remains inaccessible to Vietnamese firms 6/18/2012
3G draws 20 percent more subscribers 6/18/2012
Low-cost smart phone race just begins 6/18/2012
MobiFone, Vinaphone to merge 6/18/2012
Rescuing accountancy software now possible mission 6/18/2012
Nation gets first global domain name registrar 6/18/2012
Popular 3G enjoys subscription boost 6/11/2012
Mobile policy gets mixed reaction 6/11/2012
Summit targets boost to IT infrastructure 6/11/2012
State offices urge to modernise IT 6/11/2012
VietJetAir launches auto check-in systems 6/8/2012
IT growth based on six pillars 6/8/2012
Telcos need to step up 6/6/2012
Digital signature service providers struggling to seek ways to survive 6/6/2012
4th IT Awards presented to 17 individuals, enterprises 6/6/2012
Vietnam’s entertainment robot to conquer Spanish toy market 6/3/2012
Vietnam to switch to digital by 2016 6/3/2012
MobiFone to upgrade network by 50 per cent 6/3/2012
3G service market seething 6/3/2012
Vinasat-2 stable at orbital slot 6/3/2012
Vietnam not yet ready for IPv6 6/3/2012
Vietnam, RoK sign IT cooperation document 6/1/2012
Largest mobile networks to not focus on increasing subscribers 6/1/2012
Mobile service providers running “niche market strategies” 6/1/2012
Mobile service providers running “niche market strategies” 6/1/2012
Fake software prompts virus alert 6/1/2012
Social networks will boom in Vietnam in 2011 6/1/2012
IT sector to press right buttons 6/1/2012
Vietnam lost 5900 billion dong in 2010 due to computer viruses 6/1/2012
Mobile service providers making “iPad fever” more scorching 6/1/2012
Attaching special importance to IT, Vietnam’s brainpower will shine 6/1/2012
The quiet period of 3G device market is nearly over 6/1/2012
How much is an iPad 2 in Vietnam? 6/1/2012
IT firms facing a difficult year ahead 6/1/2012
Qualifiers kick off in robot contest 6/1/2012
Websites precarious due to inappropriate investment in network security 6/1/2012
Great opportunity for the Vietnamese mobile application and services 6/1/2012
Microsoft supports HueStar Educational System 6/1/2012
Mobile recharged by your voice 6/1/2012
Smartphones gain toehold in domestic market 6/1/2012
Vietnam telecom market remains unsustainable 6/1/2012
Vietnam’s e-commerce set to boom by 2015 6/1/2012
“Made-in-Vietnam” 3D website 6/1/2012
The race on high-speed Internet market begins 6/1/2012
Vietnamese tablet PC market sees more comers 6/1/2012
Software industry needs thorough care to develop 6/1/2012
Taiwanese businesses seek opportunities in Vietnam market 6/1/2012
Internet opens up endless business opportunities 6/1/2012
Telecom products attract foreign investors 6/1/2012
HCM City to build manhole management software 6/1/2012
Cooperative technology transfer from Belgium 6/1/2012
Electronic portals to enhance securit 6/1/2012
The investment in hi-tech projects and the rejected proposals 6/1/2012
Ministry promotes enhanced e-gov't 6/1/2012
Security solutions still cannot find many buyers 6/1/2012
Establish laboratory for mobile applications 6/1/2012
New Internet policy group formed in the Asia Pacific 6/1/2012
Number of 3G subscriptions rises 6/1/2012
Officials admit it’s difficult to expand e-bidding 6/1/2012
‘Cloud' computing to link all data on natural resources 6/1/2012
Digital signatures get go-ahead 5/31/2012
Telcos eyeing frequency band for 4G services 5/31/2012
Software parks lack strategies, but future is bright 5/31/2012
PM: IT, an important tool for national development 5/31/2012
Graphene, the world's thinnest substance 'will power the next generation of computers' 5/31/2012
Developing software for mobile phones: market not big enough 5/31/2012
Wi-Fi technology to increase coverage to 100 km 5/31/2012
Mobile number portability eyed 5/30/2012

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