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Myopia prevention device 11:26 AM,7/17/2014

- The Inventors: Students Mai Thanh Tin and Nguyen Tien Trung

- Address: Department of Electronics and Telecommunications , Ho Chi Minh City-University of Sciences

- Description of technologies and equipment :

 The equipment is designed compactly like a hook headphones that can be attached to the ears, collar, buttons etc Product is integrated with light sensor  that can measure the distance with ultrasonic sensors .

 Ultrasonic sensor has modes to adjust the corresponding distance in a number of cases where people are getting myopia easily. That is the distance from the eye to the books, from the seats to television screen , seats to the computer screen etc

 To control this situation, we can default distance for watching TV or reading material so that the clearest view . Once we default the distance objects clearly and for which we change the sight by the minimum allowed distance the sensors will be activated, the signal will be alarmed to information processor unit by vibrating or ringing so we can know we 're sitting wrong distance from the eye to adjust it properly .

 According to calculations by two youths , if mass-produced , each product will cost less than 200,000 VND . This cost would suite everyone 's pocket .The product has won the second prize in the competition for Creative Teenager in 2012 by Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union organizations .

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