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System of technical thermoplastic sprayed molds with heating derivation could be controlled
Code: 001
Title of technology/equipment: System of technical thermoplastic sprayed molds with heating derivation could be controlled
Countries Technology offering : VN Việt Nam
Index classification SPC :
  • Machinery and equipment n.e.c
  • Description:

     1. Introduction:

     In recent years, the plastics industry in Vietnam is developing very fast. It occupies a large proportion in the development of industry and is one of the sectors has strongest growth at present, especially in the Ho Chi Minh city. Based on the level of development of science and technology and the requirements of plastic products

    Areas of application:
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Transportation
  • Designing, constructing, assembling and adjustment communication equipments
  • Development status: Commercialized
    Advantage :

     - The ability of automatization, simplify design of some molds due to do not need to separate the filling thermoplastic in the derivation system.

     - Coordination between controller and mold is easy changing, mold’s operating journey is smooth. Gently opening/closing the molds.

     - Using this sprayed mold

    Mode of transfer
    System of technical thermoplastic sprayed molds; Thermoplastic molds; System of sprayed mold; Making mold system
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