Integrated model of preventing and treating pollution under the ecological direction
10:06 SA,11/08/2016

Through the implementation of the state-level scientific and technological project "Researching and developing technologies and solutions for environmental management, prevention and treatment of environmental pollution in some trade villages in the Mekong River Delta of Vietnam", code KC08.33/11-15, the scientists of Institute for Environment and Resources(Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City) have researched and developed successfully the integrated model of preventing and treating pollution under the ecological direction, with low cost on the basis of turnover and closed material and energy flows as well as making the most advantages of existing ecosystems in households at the trade villages, called the model VACBNXT (garden - pond - barn - Biogas system and solutions for recycling - house - factory - wastewater treatment station).

VACBNTX model not only helps to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the generated waste (wastewater, exhausted gases and solid waste from manufacturing activities, husbandry, and living) but also brings profit from the utilization, recovery and recycling of waste (biogas, compost, earthworm farming...). The model has a low investment cost, simple operation, low maintenance cost, and has been successfully applied at household scale in the 3 largest trade villages with significant environmental issues among the villages in the Mekong River Delta: village with starch production and pig farming in Tan Phu Trung commune (Chau Thanh district, Dong Thap province); coconut jelly production village in Nhon Thanh commune (Ben Tre city); mat dyeing village in Dinh An commune (Lap Vo district, Dong Thap province). The model has been nationally accepted and got excellent reviews, and also highly appreciated and desired to replicate by the local authorities and households.

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